Monday, 22 of April of 2019

2012-13 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory Delivered

All SLV residents should have received their 2012-13 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory in the mail by now. If you did not receive your directory, please let us know.  Thanks to all the wonderful advertisers, we filled all the cover spots and put one on the front again. The Directory happens because of advertising support, and we highly recommend using the services of these local people. There are many more inside the book, and it’s always easy to see who they are by visiting So when looking for a referral, check the San Lorenzo Valley Business directory for local expertise that matters most.

Now is the time to start thinking about advertising for next year. Sign up any time for next year’s printed book, and we’ll get you going online right away. As we work to bring you a useful product, it’s now easier than ever to sign up and pay online. Just visit the Advertise page to see rates and join in. Of course, we are always available for a call back or e-mail as well.

We are also already looking for cover art. Go to the Directory’s Cover Art page and find out more about how to win $100 and the cover spot! Second place gets $50 and third $25. The theme for next year is water in San Lorenzo Valley. We cannot wait to see what people think of when it comes to this subject. Remember, originality is key to winning the contest!

San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory is delivered to every home, business and P.O. Box in the San Lorenzo Valley, CA. This issue marks the 29th year of publication.

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