Monday, 22 of April of 2019

Support Local Business And Do Something Nice For Yourself

Many may wonder why I am not keeping up with this blog on a more regular basis. The truth is that it has been a source of much SPAM and I am tossed about whether to keep it going or not. However, I believe there is merit in having a place to further promote SLVBD’s wonderful advertisers. So I keep going. If anyone knows how to get rid of useless SPAM on blogs, let me know!

With this post, I would like to once again send some love and appreciation to Debi Derham at Medical Massage. Those who know Debi rave about her magical hands. And those who have not tried her services yet must make an appointment for the most relaxing, incredible massage of their lives. I have had the pleasure of visiting Debi at her Boulder Creek office on several occasions. She works hard to help take the edge of aches and pains in the most casual manner. She has a special touch and is well versed in different techniques. As a local business owner, and publisher of the Directory, I feel it’s my duty to try as many services as possible. This is one that I look forward to each time. Can’t wait for my next appointment!